You have been taking high-level examinations throughout your life, and here you are studying like a board engaged in the preparation of board certification or certification exams.

it’s natural! But it is important to study for the board and avoid these 10 mistakes. After all, failures in examinations can result, and you do not want to take it again.

sigmaclass Provide important question as students usually join coaching when they are in school/college and often timings of the coaching centre and other private tuition timings clash or due to various personal reasons students may miss classes.

Usually a good coaching institute will reschedule a class, but ask whether the class will be arranged on a day decided by them or as per your convenience.

The rigid attendance often doesn’t allow those rare mischievous students to bunk classes and institutes should provide attendance details to parents, if needed.

CBSEThe Long term course is designed to be a complete course to cover entire syllabus designed by NCERT board for CBSE 10th and is geared towards bringing maximum performance from a child for the Final 10th CBSE exams.

The Class 9 has far more syllabus than class 8. Class 9 is very important and it lays foundation for your class 10 result. sigmaclass  For this reason, course is designed systematic and comprehensive way which helps students to learn quickly,



Coaching classes make use of an extensive, elaborate and highly effectual tried-and-tested system that is a proven formula for success. Strategizing, proportionate resource allocation and time management are some of the skills that coaching classes The help boost.

Till You Know you have been competing with classmates but now for the first time you will be exposed to greater competition, with the numerous students across the country appearing for exam.

This will be your first step towards achieving the goal you have set in life. This is because the 10th board marks will be a decisive factor for most of your future endeavours.

Do not study anything new or from a new book right before exams, as you may get confused.

sigmaclass Revise what you have studied and glance at important notes and formulae. Make The note of important formulae and keep them handy so that you can take a look at them as an when you want.

Make a weekly revision plan once you have completed the entire syllabus.

The Highlight important points and formulae on textbooks and reference books to locate them easily.


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